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Thread Turbine Flow Meter
Thread Turbine Flow Meter
Thread Turbine Flow Meter
Thread Turbine Flow Meter

Thread Turbine Flow Meter

Size: DN4,6,10,15,20,32,40,50,65,80
Accuracy: ±0.5% (±0.2% Optional)
Sensor Material: SS304 (SS316L Optional)
Signal Output: Pulse, 4-20mA
Digital Communication: MODBUS RS485, HART
Technical Data
Q&T  Liquid Turbine Flow Meter is internally developed and perfected by Q&T Instrument. Over the years, Q&T Liquid Turbine Flow Meter has been commissioned in many parts of the world, received praise from end-users and industrial leaders.
Q&T Instrument Turbine Flow Meter offers two accuracy classes, 0.5%R and 0.2%R. Its simple structure allows a small pressure loss and virtually no maintenance requirements.  
The Thread Connection Turbine Flow Meter offers two types of converter options, Compact Type (Direct Mount) and Remote Type. Our users can select the preferred converter type depending on the commissioning environment. Q&T Thread Connection Turbine flow meter is the most popular turbine product used in systems with small pipe sizes.
Thread Turbine Flow Meter Advantages
Q&T strives to provide high-quality products with economical cost.
Q&T Liquid Turbine Flow Meter applies to viscous fluids, non-conductive fluids, solvents, liquefied gases and high-pressure applications.
Q&T Instrument Liquid Turbine Meter provides high accuracy of 0.2% R and a wide range of applications to non-conductive liquids, such as fuel oil, ultrapure water and gasoline. These make the turbine meter more popular compare to Electromagnetic Flow Meter in the oil industry, purifying process and distilleries.  The Q&T Instrument meter also has an amazingly wide turndown ratio of 20:1, combined with its mechanical designings enables the meter to operate reliably in both high and low flow rates and produce excellent repeatability as low as 0.05%.
The Thread connection Turbine Flow Meter is known for its application to smaller pipe sizes. In the case of limited installation space, Thread connection Turbine Flow Meter is always preferred over Flanged connection and Tri-Clamp connection Turbine Meters.
Thread Turbine Flow Meter Applications
Q&T Instrument Liquid Turbine Meters offers both standard SS304 body and SS316 body.  Because of its wide working temperature and pressure range, it is capable of measuring various mediums and commissioning into extreme working conditions.
Q&T Instrument Liquid Turbine Meters are popular in the Oil & Gas industry, Chemical industry, and Water industry. The Thread connection version is designed exclusively for smaller size pipes. Our standard size range for Thread Connection Turbine meter is from DN4~DN100.
Due to its high accuracy and fast response time, Q&T Instrument Liquid Turbine is often integrated into the Industrial Internet of Things, together with valves and pumps to achieve smart process control, for example, solvents batching, blending, storage and off-loading systems. Kindly contact our sales engineers if there are questions related to integrating Q&T Liquid Turbine Meters into your existing plant IOT.
Water Treatment
Water Treatment
Chemical Monitoring
Chemical Monitoring
Upstream Oil Transportation
Upstream Oil Transportation
Off-shore Exploration
Off-shore Exploration
Water Supply
Water Supply
Technical Data

Table 1: Thread Turbine Flow Meter Parameters

Size DN4,6,10,15,20,32,40,50,65,80
Accuracy ±0.5% (±0.2% Optional)
Sensor Material SS304 (SS316L Optional)
Ambient Conditions Medium temperature:-20℃~+150℃;
Atmospheric pressure:86Kpa~106Kpa
Ambient temperature:-20℃~+60℃;
Relative humidity:5%~90% 
Signal Output Pulse, 4-20mA
Digital Communication RS485, HART
Power Supply 24V DC/3.6V Lithium Battery
Cable Entry M20*1.5; 1/2"NPT
Explosion-proof class Ex d IIC T6 Gb
Protection class IP65

Table 2: Thread Turbine Flow Meter Flow Range

Standard Range
Extended Range
Standard Pressure
Pressure Rating(Mpa)
DN4 0.04~0.25 0.04~0.4 1.6 4.0
DN6 0.1~0.6 0.06~0.6 1.6
DN10 0.2~1.2 0.15~1.5 1.6
DN15 0.6~6 0.4~8 1.6
DN20 0.8~8 0.45~9 1.6
DN25 1~10 0.5~10 1.6
DN32 1.5~15 0.8~15 1.6
DN40 2~20 1~20 1.6
DN50 4~40 2~40 1.6
DN65 7~70 4~70 1.6
DN80 10~100 5~100 1.6

Table 3: Turbine Flow Meter Model Selection

Model Suffix Code Description
Diameter                 Three Digitals; for example:
010: 10 mm;              015: 15 mm;
080: 80 mm;              100: 100 mm
Converter N No display; 24V DC; Pulse Output
A No display; 24V DC; 4-20mA Output
B Local display; Lithium Battery Power; No output
C Local display; 24V DC Power; 4-20mA Output;
C1 Local display; 24V DC Power; 4-20mA Output; Modbus RS485 Communication
C2 Local display; 24V DC Power; 4-20mA Output; HART Communication
Accuracy 05 0.5% of Rate
02 0.2% of Rate
Flow Range S Standard Range: refer to flow range table
W Wide Range: refer to flow range table
Body Material S SS304
L SS316
Explosion Rating N Safety Field without Explosion
Pressuring Rating E Per Standard
H(X) Customized Pressure Rating
Connection -DXX DXX: D06, D10, D16, D25, D40 D06: DIN PN6; D10: DIN PN10 D16: DIN PN16; D25: DIN PN25 D40: DIN PN40
-AX AX: A1, A3, A6
A1: ANSI 150#; A3: ANSI 300#
A6: ANSI 600#
-TH Thread; DN4…DN50
Fluid  Temperature -T1 -20...+80°C
-T2 -20...+120°C
-T3 -20...+150°C

Q&T Thread turbine flow meter installation
Before the installation, it is crucial to communicate with our sales engineers regarding the working conditions and medium the meter designs to measure.
The installation of the Q&T Thread Connection Liquid Turbine Meter involves minimal assistance. The users will not need additional tools for Thread type Turbine Flow Meter.
The user needs to keep in mind these three factors while carrying out the installation.
1. There should be at least ten pipe diameter lengths of straight pipe upstream of the Turbine Meter and five pipe diameter length of straight pipe length downstream of the Turbine Meter, with the same nominal diameter size.
2. Valves and Throttling devices needed to install downstream of the flow meter.
3. The arrow indicated on the meter body is the same as the actual flow.
If there are specific questions regarding the installation of the Q&T Instrument Turbine Meter, kindly contact our sales engineers for assistance.

One 90° elbow

Two 90° elbows for two planes

Concentric expander

Control valve half-open

Concentric shrinkage wide open valve

Two 90° elbows for one plane
Q&T Thread turbine flow meter requires minimum maintenance.
Cleaning and inspection can be carried out by remove the Turbine Meter from the pipe.
Reinstallations are carried out similarly to the installation steps indicated above.
If the meter is damaged and repair is needed, kindly contact Q&T Instrument Sales Engineers.
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