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Why remote type electromagnetic flowmeter is more popular in some plants?

The main advantage for remote type electromagnetic flowmeter compared with compact type is that the display can be separated from the sensor which is more easily to read the flow, and the cable length can be appropriately increased according to the needs of the site. For example, there are many pipes in a steel plant. If the flowmeter is installed in the middle , it is not convenient for workers to view, so the split electromagnetic flowmeter is a good choice.

There're some notes while using remote type electromagnetic flow meters:

 1. The split electromagnetic flowmeter avoids the improper use of the air pressure pipeline setting, which will cause the air pressure in the controller. When closing the gate valves on the upper, middle and upper reaches of the flowmeter together, if the temperature of the two-phase flow is higher than the weather. Folding after cooling puts the water pressure outside the tube at risk of creating air pressure. Air pressure caused the liner to disengage from the alloy conduit, causing the electrode to leak.
2. Add an air pressure avoidance valve around the split electromagnetic flowmeter, and open the gate valve to connect to atmospheric pressure to avoid causing air pressure in the controller. When there is a vertical pipeline in the upstream and downstream of the split electromagnetic flowmeter, if the upstream and downstream gate valves of the flow sensor are used to close or adjust the reserve, the controller will measure that a negative pressure will be generated outside the pipe. To prevent air pressure, apply back pressure or apply a mid-upstream gate valve to adjust and shut off the reserve.
3. The split electromagnetic flowmeter has a moderate protection space. Therefore, the large-scale flowmeter is installed in the meter well, so that the pipeline construction, wiring, and regular inspection and protection are convenient, and a moderate space must be reserved. For the convenience of observation, wiring and protection, the installation of the instrument should have a necessary aspect ratio from the road surface, which is convenient for cleaning and installation.
4. if the split electromagnetic flowmeter is installed in a flammable and explosive place, explosion-proof measures should be taken, especially the split line should be made into an explosion-proof shielding line diagram, which can avoid the occurrence of danger.
5. If the split electromagnetic flowmeter is installed in a place with anti-corrosion, the split line should be made into anti-corrosion shielded wire.
6. Since there are many pipelines and branches in the steel plant, the pipelines should be avoided, so that the on-site timing flow can be easily seen.

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