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What are the performance characteristics of the acid-resistant intelligent electromagnetic flow meter?

The acid-resistant intelligent electromagnetic flow meter has the characteristics of high precision, high reliability and long service life. In order to ensure product quality, detailed scientific research and manipulation at each stage, supporting facilities detailed total flow calibration monitoring system. In order to meet the requirements of the measurement on the spot, we developed and designed high-pressure acid-resistant intelligent electromagnetic flow meter system software, plug-in acid-resistant intelligent electromagnetic flow meter system software, especially plug-in acid-resistant intelligent electromagnetic flow meter in large-caliber pipeline system software The medium application has excellent economy, practicality, timeliness and reliability. The online installation type can be installed and maintained without stopping work, and the application is simple. Promote acid-resistant intelligent electromagnetic flow meter system software suitable for various industries such as crude oil, chemical plants, electric energy, metallurgical industry, food, environmental protection, and water conservancy engineering.

Principle of acid-resistant intelligent electromagnetic flow meter:
The principle of the acid-resistant intelligent flow meter is based on the basic law of the magnetic effect of Faraday current. In the acid-resistant intelligent electromagnetic flow meter, the conductive medium in the measuring tube is equivalent to the conductive metal rod in the Faraday experiment, and the two magnet coils on the left and right sides create a stable electromagnetic field. When a conductive medium passes through, it will cause induced voltage. The induced voltage caused by the measurement of the two electrodes inside the pipeline. The measurement pipeline completes the electromagnetic induction protection with the liquid and the measurement electrode according to the non-conductive lining (vulcanized rubber, Teflon, etc.).
Main features of acid-resistant intelligent electromagnetic flow meter:
♦The acid-resistant intelligent electromagnetic flow meter is unblocked and has no obstructions inside, basically without pressure damage and liquid blockage.
♦No mechanical equipment inertia force, rapid response, wide liquid measurement range (water flow rate 0.3-12m/s), good reliability, and can be used for automatic identification, adjustment and program control system software.
♦Measure the liquid with conductivity exceeding 5u S/cm, the measurement will not be harmed by the transformation of fluid density, viscosity, temperature, working pressure and conductivity. The sensor induced voltage data signal is linearly related to the average water flow, and the measurement is highly accurate.
♦Accuracy levels: 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5. Can consider the requirements of different customers.
♦Part of the sensor only has the lining and the electrode in contact with the liquid to be measured. If you select suitable materials for the electrode and lining, it can resist corrosion and wear.
♦Acid-resistant intelligent electromagnetic flow meter is divided into basic type (working pressure ≤4.0MPa) and high pressure type (working pressure ≥4.0MPa).
♦Plug-in acid-resistant intelligent electromagnetic flow meter system software is divided into simple installation type and online installation type.
♦The EEPROM memory is selected, and the measurement and calculation data information storage and maintenance can be trusted.
♦Choose international excellent single-chip microcomputer design (MCU) and surface mount technology (SMT), reliable characteristics, high precision, low functional loss, stable zero point, Chinese reciting lists, and convenient setting of main parameters.
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