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What different is electromagnetic flow meter and electromagnetic water flow meter?

Electromagnetic flow meter factories talk what different is electromagnetic and electromagnetic water flow meter?how do you choose electromagnetic and electromagnetic water flow meter in choose user?Now Q&T instrument explain where to different,how to choose for us.
Electromagnetic flow meter is a kind of conductivity medium volume, total flow and flow velocity instrument.Water flow meter is able to design of industry products,think guarantee of city water supply,measurement accurate water and electric cost .
Electromagnetic flow meter used to industries products of several conductivity medium,total flow contains measurement and production processing operation,scientific measurement and control. Water flow meter is main of measurement clod water and source water, get widespread usefully in city of engineering industry.
Electromagnetic flow meter:repeatable is the keyboard of performance. Repeatable index is the accuracy of 1/3, for example the accuracy is 0.5 grade,the repeatable is better than 0.16%,0.2% repeatable is better than 0.06%.the keyboard of water flow meter is the performance is accuracy,low total flow. Q1 total flow point compare with measurement range is Q3:Q1.So,it’s the keyboard for guarantee longer and continuous operation.
Electromagnetic flow meter accurate measurement accuracy, wide range, repeatability and alignment are very high quality; generally accurate measurement of water flow in the category of 0.4~12 m/s of a variety of conductive medium; can be double measurement; accurate measurement of substances can be a single water solubility can also be solid, liquid compounds, Also allow bubbles (bubbles and solid chemicals will increase the deviation of the total volume of measured substances). The accuracy of electromagnetic water meter is generally II grade, can produce I grade products.  
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