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How to solve the liquid vortex flowmeter not returning to zero?


Listening to customer feedback, the vortex flow meter sometimes has problems that fluid does not flow, the flow rate display is not zero, or the display value is unstable during use.
Let me tell you the reasons for not returning to 0
1. The transmission line shielding is poorly grounded, and external interference signals are mixed into the input end of the display;
2. The pipeline vibrates, and the sensor vibrates with it, generating an error signal;
3. Due to the leakage of the shut-off valve not tightly closed, the meter actually displays the leakage;
4. Interference caused by deterioration and damage of the internal circuit boards or electronic components of the display instrument.
Let me talk about the corresponding solution
1. Check the shielding layer to show whether the terminal of the instrument is well grounded;
2. Reinforce the pipeline, or install brackets before and after the sensor to prevent vibration;
3. Repair or replace the valve;
4. Adopt the "short circuit method" or check item by item to determine the source of interference and find out the point of failure.

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