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Gas Turbine Flow Meter
Gas Turbine Flow Meter
Gas Turbine Flow Meter
Gas Turbine Flow Meter

Gas Turbine Flow Meter

Nominal Diameter: DN25-DN400
Nominal Pressure: 1.6Mpa/2.5Mpa/4.0Mpa
Range Ratio: Max 40:1 (under P=101.325Kpa,T=293.15K)
Accuracy: 1.5% (Standard), 1.0% (Optional)
Repeatability: Better than 0.2%
Technical data
QTWG series gas turbine flow meter is a new generation of high-precision and high-reliability gas precision measuring instrument, which is based on the advanced technology of flow meters domestic and abroad. It has excellent low-pressure and high-pressure metering performance, various signal output modes and low sensitivity to fluid disturbance. It is widely used for natural gas, coal-based gas, liquefied gas and other gases application.
Gas Turbine Flow Meter Advantages and Disadvantages
Gas turbine flow meter is with advanced rectification technology and dust-proof structure. It is with built-in temperature and pressure sensors which can achieve automatically compensation to make sure high accuracy. Gas turbine flow meter provides good solution for custody transfer between parties.
Compared with precession vortex flow meter, gas turbine flow meter is with low pressure loss, low initiating flow and wider measurement range. The display of gas turbine flow meter support to rotate 350°, easy to read data in different directions.
Gas turbine flow meter is mainly used for natural gas, LPG, coal gas etc. Widely used in various industries of gas metering and gas pressure regulating stations such as petroleum, chemical, electric power, industrial boilers, gas transmission and distribution pipeline networks, and urban natural gas metering.
Natural Gas
Natural Gas
Electric Power.
Electric Power.
Industrial Boilers
Industrial Boilers
Gas Metering
Gas Metering
Technical data

Table 1: Gas Turbine Flow Meter Parameters

Nominal Diameter DN25-DN400
Nominal Pressure 1.0Mpa/1.6Mpa/2.5Mpa/4.0Mpa
Range Ratio Max 40:1 (under P=101.325Kpa,T=293.15K)
Accuracy 1.5% (Standard), 1.0 (Optional)
Repeatability Better than 0.2%
Explosion Proof ExiallCT6Ga
Protection IP65
Shell Material Aluminum Alloy/Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
Power Supply 3.6V Lithum Battery Powered
External power DC18-30V
output Signal 4-20mA,Pulse,Alarm
Communication RS485 Modbus RTU

Table 2: Gas Turbine Flow Meter Dimension

Size L D K N-φh H W Remarks
DN25(1") 200 115 85 4-φ14 335 200 1.Flange information according to PN16 GB9113.1-2000

2.Other flanges are available
DN40(1½") 200 150 110 4-φ18 365 230
DN50(2") 150 165 125 4-φ18 375 275
DN80(3") 240 200 160 8-φ18 409 280
DN100(4") 300 220 180 8-φ18 430 285
DN150(6") 450 285 240 8-φ22 495 370
DN200(8") 600 340 295 12-φ22 559 390
DN250(10") 750 405 355 12-φ26 629 480
DN300(12") 900 460 410 12-φ26 680 535
DN400(16") 1200 580 525 16-φ30 793 665

Table 3: Gas Turbine Flow Meter Flow Range

Model Flow specification Flow range (m3/h) Qmin (m3/h) Max.pressur e loss (Kpa) Shell material Weight(kg)
DN25(1″) QTWG-25(A) G50 5-50 ≤1 1 ≤1.6MPa
Aluminum Alloy
Carbon steel or SS304
DN40(1½″) QTWG-40(A) G60 6-60 ≤1 1 8
50(2") QTWG-50(A) G40 6.5-65 ≤1.3 0.9 8.5
QTWG-50(B) G65 8-100 ≤1.6 0.8
QTWG-50(C) G100 10-160 ≤2.4 2.0
80(3") QTWG-80(A) G100 8-160 ≤2.4 1.0 9.5
QTWG-80(B) G160 13-250 ≤3.0 1.6
QTWG-80(C) G250 20-400 ≤5.0 2.0
100(4") QTWG-100(A) G160 13-250 ≤3.3 1.0 15
QTWG-100(B) G250 20-400 ≤4.2 1.6
QTWG-100(C) G400 32-650 ≤6.7 1.8
150(6") QTWG-150(A) G400 32-650 ≤7.8 1.6 27
QTWG-150(B) G650 50-1000 ≤10 2.0
QTWG-150(C) G1000 80-1600 ≤12 2.3
200(8") QTWG-200(A) G650 50-1000 ≤13 1.6 Carbon Steel or SS304 45
QTWG-200(B) G1000 80-1600 ≤16 2.0
QTWG-200(C) G1600 130-2500 ≤20 2.2
250(10") QTWG-250(A) G1000 80-1600 ≤20 1.2 128
QTWG-250(B) G1600 130-2500 ≤22 2.0
QTWG-250(C) G2500 200-4000 ≤25 2.3
300(12") QTWG-300(A) G1600 130-2500 ≤22 1.6 265
QTWG-300(B) G2500 200-4000 ≤25 2.0
QTWG-300(C) G4000 320-6500 ≤35 2.3
400(16") QTWG-400(A) G1600 300-2500 ≤25 1.8 380
QTWG-400(B) G2500 500-4000 ≤35 2.0
QTWG-400(C) G4000 600-8000 ≤40 2.3

Table 4: Gas Turbine Flow Meter Model Selection

QTWG Parameters XXX X X X X X X X
Size (mm) DN25-DN400mm                
Accuracy 1.5% (standard)  1            
1.0%   2            
Nominal 1.0MPa 1          
Pressure 1.6MPa 2          
  2.5MPa 3          
  4.0MPa 4          
  Others 5          
Body Material Aluminum Alloy (For size below DN150mm) 1      
Carbon Steel 2      
Stainless Steel 3      
Output/Communication Pulse+4-20mA 1    
Pulse+4~20mA+485 3    
Pulse+4~20mA+HART 4    
Power Supply Battery Powered + External Power DC24V (two-wire) 1  
Battery Powered +External Power DC24V (three-wire) 2  
Ex-proof  With 1
Without 2
Installation Requirement for Gas Turbine Flow Meter
In order to obtain a stable and accurate flow measurement, it is very important that the flow meter is installed correctly in the pipe system
Flow meter need to be installed on horizontal pipeline. The inner diameter of the flow meter need to be as same as inner diameter of pipeline, and the axis of the flow meter should be concentric with the axis of the pipeline during installation
Recommend to install indoors. If need to install outdoors, please make good protection from direct sunlight and rain
In order to ensure the normal use of the medium is not affected when the flow meter is overhauled, a shut-off valve should be installed on the upstream and downstream of the flow meter. A bypass pipeline should be provided. The flow control valve must be installed downstream of the flow meter, and the upstream valve must be fully open when the flow meter is used.

Gas Turbine Flow Meter Maintenance
Gas turbine flow meter need to do oil filling operation regularly to ensure bearings work smoothly.
There’s oil filling operation indication on each Q&T gas turbine flow meter’s body. Follow the indication to do oil filling regularly is fine.
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