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Q&T organizes employees to learn about fire protection

In order to prevent fire accidents, we will further strengthen employees' awareness of fire safety and reduce hidden dangers in production work. On June 15, Q&T Group organized employees to carry out special training and practical drills on fire safety knowledge.
The training focused on 4 aspects including raising safety awareness, preventing fire safety accidents, using common fire equipment, and learning to escape correctly through multimedia picture demonstrations, video playback and practical operation drills. Under the guidance and organization of the instructors, the employees carried out fire fighting drills together. Through the actual operation of fire extinguishers, the employees' emergency response ability and fire fighting ability were further exercised.
"Hazardous dangers are more dangerous than open flames, prevention is better than disaster relief, and responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai!" Through this training and drill, Q&T employees understood the importance of fire safety, and comprehensively improved employees' awareness of fire protection self-protection. To ensure the sustainable and stable development of the company's safety production situation!

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