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Q&T FMCW 80 GHz Radar Level Meter

Q&T 80 GHz Radar Level Meter adopt the 80 GHz technology which is the advanced and versatile radar technology for level measurement of liquid and solid. In contrast to ultrasonic level measurement technology, radar is independent of pressure and temperature, and additionally, viscosity and density do not affect the measurement either. 

80 GHz Radar Level Meter with the highest focus and could be used for most of the containers in order to avoid interference. Meanwhile, the short wavelength is reflected as well. In this case, Q&T radar level meter especially with advantage for bulk solid, powders with high dust levels etc. 

  • Higher signal-to-noise ratio, almost unaffected by level fluctuations; 
  • The measurement accuracy is millimeter-level accuracy (1mm), which can be used for metrology-level measurement; 
  • The measurement blind area is small (3cm), and the effect of measuring the liquid level of small storage tanks is better; 
  • The beam angle can reach 3°, and the energy is more focused, effectively avoiding false echo interference; 
  • High frequency signal, can effectively measure the level of medium with low dielectric constant (ε≥1.5);
  • Strong anti-interference, almost unaffected by dust, steam, temperature and pressure changes; 
  • The antenna adopts PTFE lens, which is effective anti-corrosion and anti-hanging material; 
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