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Open channel flow meter installation step

Installation steps of the open channel flowmeter suggestion:

    1. Install the fixed weir groove and bracket. The weir groove and bracket need to be installed in a fixed position. After installation, check whether there is any looseness, so as to avoid the weir groove and bracket are not fixed properly;

    2. Install the host to a nearby wall or in an instrument box or an explosion-proof box, and pay attention to the location of the host during installation;

    3. The sensor probe is installed on the weir and groove bracket, and the sensor signal line should be connected to the host;

    4. Turn on the power supply, and set the parameters of the power supply voltage;

    5. After the water weir tank is filled with water, the flow state of the water should flow freely. The downstream water level of triangular weir and rectangular weir should be lower than the weir;

    6. The measuring weir groove should be firmly installed on the channel, and should be tightly connected with the side wall and the bottom of the channel to prevent water leakage.

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