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Q&T LXE Electromagnetic Water Meter

At present, with the increasing water consumption of various industries and residents year by year, the water meter measurement work has increased, and traditional mechanical water meters have been unable to meet the requirements of current water measurement. 

Q&T LXE Electromagnetic Water Meter is with the features of better performance and good economic benefits for users with large water consumption, can better utilize technical advantages, protect the consumer rights and interests of users, and play a key role in improving the economic benefits of water supply enterprises. Improve the metering efficiency and the reliability and controllability of water supply safety.

Q&T LXE Electromagnetic water meter advantage:
1 No blocking parts inside of measuring tube, low pressure loss and low requirements for straight pipeline. 
2 Variable diameter design, improve measurement accuracy and sensitivity, reduce excitation power consumption. 
3 Select suitable electrodes and liner, with good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. 
4 Full electronic design, strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement, high accuracy, wide flow range.

Q&T has strong calibration device for electromagnetic water meter which could calibrate 10pcs in series at a time.
Q&T team ensure each electromagnetic water meter is individually factory tested and certified for measurement accuracy.

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