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Epidemic prevention production with both hands, Q&T goes all out to ensure delivery time

Since the beginning of this year, the epidemic has spread across the country, and the prevention and control situation is still severe. As a leading instrument manufacturer in China, Q&T Instrument strictly implements various measures for epidemic prevention and control, and always insists on epidemic prevention and production. 

In order to fully cooperate with the local epidemic prevention and control work in Kaifeng, Q&T has formulated a number of effective prevention and control measures based on the company's actual epidemic prevention needs. While ensuring the personal safety of employees, it also ensures the smooth progress of various production tasks. We will work together, not afraid of difficulties, and make every effort to ensure the smooth delivery of every order of our customers.

Since 2022, Q&T's orders have increased significantly during the same period. Under the epidemic, Q&T is very grateful and grateful to all new and old customers for their trust and support as always. Affected by the epidemic, the company has a backlog of some orders, coupled with new orders, the production task has ushered in a peak, the staff is tight, and the task is heavy. Faced with such a situation, the management of the company adjusts the production strategy and operation time in a timely manner, assigns the responsibility for project distribution, evaluates the completion of the project, arranges employees to work overtime to catch up with the progress, and strives to deliver the customer in time with quality and quantity with the efforts of all staff. 

Of course, while rushing to the schedule, high-quality products and safe production must also be guaranteed. The company's quality assurance department strictly conducts safety inspections on the production site and strictly controls the quality of products. We believe that as long as the company is united and forging ahead in unity, the quality and quantity will be guaranteed. Complete the production task and hand in a satisfactory answer to the customer.

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