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What conditions are required for a precession vortex flow meter for natural gas?

The application of natural gas covers a wide range, and there are many kinds of flow meters that can be used in natural gas measurement. The prerequisites necessary for the accurate measurement of natural gas with a precession vortex flow meter have three factors:

1. Regulations on cyclone standards
(1) The gas to be measured should be a single-phase electric round steel pipe stream that continuously flows through the pipeline.
(2) Before the vapor flows through the flow meter, its water flow must be parallel to the center line of the pipeline, and there must be no vortex flow.
(3) The cyclone should be a subsonic, non-pulsating beverage, and its total flow will change slowly over time.

2. Installation regulations for flow meters
This kind of instrument does not have too many special requirements for the processing technology installation and application of the natural environment, but all types of flow measuring instruments have such a correlation, that is, try to prevent vibration and high temperature natural environment from affecting components (such as Refrigeration compressors, separation equipment, pressure reducing valves, eccentric size heads and manifolds, elbows, etc.), maintain the inner cavity of the front, rear, left, and right connecting sections of the instrument clean and vertical, and ensure that the measured substance is a clean single-phase electric liquid.
3. Matters needing attention in installation and application of precession vortex flow meter
 The precession vortex flow meter has no moving parts of mechanical equipment, small size, corrosion resistance, and stable characteristics; it can immediately display the pressure, temperature, total flow of the information substance and the air supply under standard conditions; wide measurement range, small measurement deviation Such advantages have been widely used in the production and manufacturing measurement of oil and gas wells and the market sales measurement of natural gas. In many years of on-the-spot use, everyone feels that the precession vortex flow meter is suitable for relatively clean dry gas measurement, and gradually becomes a small and medium-sized gas metering meter.
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