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Precautions for installation of ultrasonic open channel flowmeter.

Ultrasonic open channel flowmeters are used in urban water supply diversion channels, power plant cooling water diversion and drainage channels, sewage treatment inflow and discharge channels, chemical liquids, and wastewater discharges of industrial and mining enterprises, and water conservancy projects and agricultural irrigation channels.

Mainly for you to make the following explanation for the installation precautions of the ultra-declared channel flowmeter, remember to collect it if you need it.
1. The measured flow velocity is based on the premise that the channel flow pattern is fully developed, that is, the straight section of the channel (pipe) is required to meet the requirements.
2. When the on-site straight section is insufficient, the influence of the diagonal flow on the accuracy of the flow velocity measurement should be compensated by setting the sound channel across the measurement section.

3. If there are weirs, gates, and other facilities before and after the on-site measurement section to make the vertical flow turbulent, the multi-channel measurement method should be used to accurately measure the average velocity of the surface. The number of sound channels and the height of sound channels is determined according to the requirements of measurement accuracy, and the minimum water level, maximum water level, and working water level must also be considered.
4. For channel flow meters, it is important to accurately measure the flow rate and water level, but the error of the channel cross-sectional area is often the biggest influence on the flow measurement (for example, sedimentation at the bottom of the channel, uneven channel wall, and inconsistent channel width And other errors). Therefore, what is specifically proposed here is that the control of the channel cross-sectional area error must begin with the channel civil design.

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