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Ultrasonic full channel wide-open channel flowmeter

Intelligent open channel flow measurement system-integrated gate control, full channel width flowmeter is the only intelligent open channel flowmeter that can directly measure the average flow velocity of the flow section.

Ultrasonic full channel wide-open channel flow measurement system uses velocity and area measurement principle as the basic measurement method.
The working principle of the system is to directly measure the flow velocity of different layers of the water flow by laying the ultrasonic flow velocity sensor system evenly distributed on the flow cross-section, and obtain the optimal flow velocity data through the algorithm. The average flow velocity of the flow section is multiplied by the area of the section to get the instantaneous flow. The measurement of water level generally uses ultrasound, pressure, float, etc.
Compared with other current flow meter measurement methods, this system directly obtains the surface average velocity, and the latter obtains the linear average velocity or the point average velocity. In general, the measurement accuracy of the system is higher.

The measuring system can measure liquid level, average flow rate, and accumulative or instantaneous flow;
Reasonable mathematical model plus advanced technology and multiple pairs of ultrasonic velocity sensors for tracking measurement can accurately measure different forms of sectional flow velocity;
Wide measuring range: 0.01-10 m/s;
Two-way flow measurement;
The standard disconnection surface can be installed directly without modification, the installation and construction are less difficult and the cost is low;
Instrument display function: display water level, instantaneous flow of section, accumulative flow, etc.;

The use of supporting gates can realize accurate measurement and control integration;
Permanent data storage function, can save the set parameters and flow value in the case of long-term power failure;
The instrument has standard MODBUS (RTU) output 485 interface, 4-20MA dual analog input interface for supporting use
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