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Electromagnetic Flow Meter Connection Select

Normally, electromagnetic flow meter has 5 connections for choose: flange, wafer, tri-clamp, insertion, union.

Flange type is most universal, it can easily install on pipeline. We have most of flange standard and can customized flange for you to match your pipeline.

Wafer type can matching all kinds of flanges. And it is short length so it can install at narrow places where has not enough straight pipeline. Also, it is cheaper than flange type. Finally, because of its small size, its freight cost is also very cheap.

Tri-clamp type is widely used in food/drink industries. It can withstand high temperature steam disinfection. It is also easily to install and dismantle so that you can clean flow meter conveniently. We use harmless stainless steel material to make tri-clamp type.

Insertion type is for big size pipeline use. Our insertion electromagnetic flow meter suitable  for DN100-DN3000 pipe diameter. Rod material can be SS304 or SS316.

Union type is specially designed for high pressure.It can reach to 42MPa pressure.

Noremally we use this for high velocity and high pressure flow.
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