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The electromagnetic flowmeter has a self-help function when it encounters a problem

The electromagnetic flowmeter may have some problems in the actual use process, and there are many reasons for the failure. Today, the flowmeter manufacturer Q&T Instrument will take you to understand how the electromagnetic flowmeter exerts the function of "self-help".

1. Zero drift
Regarding the zero drift problem caused by environmental temperature changes, temperature compensation technology has been adopted to solve this problem. That is, the ambient temperature detection part is added to the circuit, and the detected temperature value is transmitted to the single-chip microcomputer in real time. The single-chip microcomputer corrects some parameters in the circuit according to the temperature change, which greatly reduces the impact of the environmental temperature change on the circuit. The resulting zero drift.

2. The measured signal value is not accurate
The main source is power frequency interference. It is demonstrated that the use of synchronous sampling technology can effectively suppress the power frequency interference signal in the measurement signal. For different interference signals, filtering methods such as program judgment filtering, median filtering, arithmetic mean filtering, moving average filtering, and weighted moving average filtering can be used to obtain good results.
3. Appears crashes and garbled characters
Regarding the crash and garbled results caused by sequence out of control, the sequence operation monitoring channel has been added to the channel. The performance is that when the sequence of the microcontroller is out of control, it can be detected in time and the entire system is reset, so that the sequence operation can be restored to the accurate track and prevent the crash , Garbled sending.
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