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Application selection of electromagnetic flowmeter in food production industry
Electromagnetic flowmeters are generally used in food industry flowmeters, which are mainly used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquids and slurries in closed pipelines, including corrosive liquids such as acids, alkalis, and salts.
What kind of flowmeter suggest to be used for pure water?
Liquid turbine flow meter , vortex flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, coriolis mass flowmeters, metal tube rotameters, etc. can all be used to measure pure water.
Why is the electromagnetic flowmeter installed upstream of the control valve?
Flow meters and valves are among the most commonly used equipment. The flowmeter and valve are often installed in series on the same pipe, and the distance between the two can vary, but a question that designers often have to deal with is whether the flowmeter is on the front or back of the valve.
Electromagnetic water meter
Electromagnetic water meter
Q&T LXE Electromagnetic Water Meter
Q&T LXE Electromagnetic Water Meter
Q&T LXE Electromagnetic Water Meter is with the features of better performance and good economic benefits for users.
Vertical Display Variable Area Flowmeter
Vertical Display Variable Area Flowmeter
Radar Flowmeter
Q&T Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter Video Introduction
Q&T Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter offers easy installation, easy to carry and great accuracy.
plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter
What will happen to the split/plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter in application debugging?
The plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter, the split type electromagnetic flowmeter and the preliminary debugging failure, but once the failure is improved, it will generally not occur again under the same conditions.
Electromagnetic flowmeters
How to reduce the interference of electromagnetic flowmeter at work?
Electromagnetic flowmeters will inevitably encounter interference problems in actual use. Since we encounter such problems, we should solve the interference sources faster.
split electromagnetic flowmeter
How to determine the selection of integrated and split electromagnetic flowmeter?
The correct selection of electromagnetic flowmeter is a prerequisite to ensure good use of electromagnetic flowmeter. The choice of electromagnetic flowmeter should be determined by the physical and chemical properties of the conductive liquid medium being measured
Electromagnetic flowmeter
The instantaneous flow of the electromagnetic flowmeter is always 0, what's the matter? How to solve it?
Electromagnetic flowmeter is suitable for conductive media. Pipeline media must be filled with pipe measurement. It is mainly used in factory sewage, domestic sewage, etc.
split electromagnetic flowmeter
Notes on split electromagnetic flowmeter
Split electromagnetic flowmeter can be used in specified explosion-proof places and occasions with special installation requirements.
Can electromagnetic flow meters be used for rural sewage treatment
Can electromagnetic flow meters be used for rural sewage treatment?
Electromagnetic flow meter-the characteristics of rural domestic sewage treatment: ponds and water conservancy hubs is the high content of soil organic matter
electromagnetic flowmeter
The electromagnetic flowmeter has a self-help function when it encounters a problem
The electromagnetic flowmeter may have some problems in the actual use process, and there are many reasons for the failure
Male Thread Digital Display Vertical Metal Tube Rotameter
Male Thread Digital Display Vertical Metal Tube Rotameter
Vertical Pointer Variable Area Flowmeter
Vertical Pointer Variable Area Flowmeter
Horizontal Display Metal Tube Rotameter
Horizontal Display Metal Tube Rotameter
ultrasonic open channel flow meter
Introduction to the product features and advantages of ultrasonic open channel flow meters.
Ultrasonic open channel flow meter uses ultrasonic and measures the water level and height-width ratio of the irrigation canal weir trough by touching, and then the microprocessor automatically calculates the matching flow value.
ultrasonic flow meter
What should be paid attention to when installing dual-channel ultrasonic flow meter?
The application of dual-channel ultrasonic meters is more stable than that of mono ultrasonic meters
electromagnetic flow meter
What are the performance characteristics of the acid-resistant intelligent electromagnetic flow meter?
The acid-resistant intelligent electromagnetic flow meter has the characteristics of high precision, high reliability and long service.
electromagnetic flow meter
What different is electromagnetic flow meter and electromagnetic water flow meter?
Electromagnetic flow meter is a kind of conductivity medium volume, total flow and flow velocity instrument.
Ultrasonic Flow Meter Problem Analysis
Ultrasonic Flow Meter Problem Analysis and Installation Requirements
Since the time difference clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter has advantages that other flow meters cannot match, the transducer can be installed on the outer surface of the pipeline to achieve continuous flow without destroying the original pipeline to measure flow.
Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Primary Factors Affecting Measurement Performance & Solutions
During the installation of the mass flow meter, if the sensor flange of the flow meter is not aligned with the central axis of the pipeline (that is, the sensor flange is not parallel to the pipeline flange) or the pipeline temperature changes.
Electromagnetic Flow Meter Connection Select
Normally, electromagnetic flow meter has 5 connections for choose: flange, wafer, tri-clamp, insertion, union.
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