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Ultrasonic Flow Meter Problem Analysis and Installation Requirements

Since the time difference clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter has advantages that other flow meters cannot match, the transducer can be installed on the outer surface of the pipeline to achieve continuous flow without destroying the original pipeline to measure flow. Because it can realize non-contact flow measurement, even if it is a plug-in or internally attached ultrasonic flow meter, its pressure loss is almost zero, and the convenience and economy of flow measurement are the best. It has the comprehensive competitive advantage of reasonable price and convenient installation and use in large-diameter flow measurement occasions. In real life, many users do not have good grasp of the main points of the ultrasonic flow meter, and the measurement effect is not ideal. For the question that customers often ask, "Is this flow meter accurate?" the below answers, hoping to be helpful to customers who are in the process of flow meter selection or are using ultrasonic flow meter.

1. The ultrasonic flow meter is not verified or calibrated correctly
The portable ultrasonic flow meter can be verified or calibrated for multiple pipelines on a flow standard device with the same or close diameter as the pipeline used. At least it is necessary to ensure that each set of probes configured with the flow meter must be checked and calibrated.

2. Ignore the requirements for the use conditions and use environment of the flow meter
The jet lag clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter is very sensitive to the bubbles mixed in the water, and the bubbles flowing through it will cause the flow meter display value to be unstable. If the accumulated gas coincides with the installation position of the transducer, the flow meter will not work. Therefore, the installation of the ultrasonic flow meter should avoid the pump outlet, the highest point of the pipeline, etc., which are easily affected by gas. The installation point of the probe should also avoid the upper and bottom of the pipeline as much as possible, and install it within a 45° angle to the horizontal diameter. , Also pay attention to avoid pipeline defects such as welds.
The installation and use environment of the ultrasonic flow meter should avoid strong electromagnetic interference and vibration. 

3.Inaccurate measurement of pipeline parameters caused by inaccurate measurement
The portable ultrasonic flow meter probe is installed outside the pipeline. It directly measures the flow rate of the fluid in the pipeline. The flow rate is the product of the flow rate and the flow area of the pipeline. The pipeline area and channel length are the pipeline parameters manually input by the user by the host Calculated, the accuracy of these parameters directly affects the measurement results.
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