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Gas turbine flow meter manufacturers analyze what are the reasons for errors in measurement?

Gas turbine flow meter manufacturers analyze what are the reasons for errors in measurement?

(1)The liquid in the gas turbine flow meter tube is not filled, because the condensing type is not enough or the total flow is not good according to the sensor can be installed at one part, which makes it possible to measure the liquid in the tube. The main performance of the students is not the same as the situation of not filling up the academic qualifications and quick assets. The basic principle of the structure of the magnetic flap level gauge MY type is a digital analog level transmitter, composed of two parts, a water level sensor and a signal converter. The water level sensor is composed of multiple reed pipes and multiple resistors installed in a φ20 stainless steel plate protective tube. The protective tube is screwed on both sides of the measuring tube (behavior main tube); the signal converter is composed of an electronic device control module and is installed in Inside the explosion-proof junction box at the top or bottom of the sensor
(2) The liquid contains a solid phase, and the liquid contains a solid state such as powder, particles or chemical fibers. The common faults that are likely to cause are: ① slurry noise; ② electrode surface contamination; ③ conductive alluvium or The alluvium of the insulating layer covers the electrode or the inner lining; ④ the inner lining is damaged or covered by the deposits, and the cross section of the commodity circulation becomes smaller.
(3) The liquid crystal display is very possible. It should be used cautiously in gas turbine flow meters. Crystals are usually some chemical materials measured under normal temperature conditions, because the liquid delivery hose has excellent heating and thermal insulation. The insulating layer is crystalline when it is not working, but it is difficult to measure and heat insulation. The electromagnetic induction air flow meter tube implementation method, and therefore, it is very easy for the liquid to pass through the measurement tube, due to the above-mentioned refrigeration on the inner cavity The solid layer. Because the steam flow meter application other standards also has crystal problems, it is no other way stronger, a very short length (or gate) of the "ring" measuring tube, electromagnetic induction air flow meter, steam flow meter and upper The selection of downstream pipelines has improved thermal insulation. In the way of pipe connection, taking into account the convenient dis-assembly of the air flow meter, maintenance and removal can be carried out very easily under the condition of crystals.
(4) Selection of electrode and grounding device ring materials. Difficulties caused by incorrect operation and personal behavior. The gas turbine flow meter and the substance are in direct contact with the material and the parts that are in direct contact with the electrode and the grounding device ring are paired. Improper in addition to the problem of corrosion resistance, if it is based on the effect of the surface structure of the electrode raw material. The surface solution needs to obtain: ① compound reflection (the surface can produce a passivation film, etc.); ② photoelectric catalysis and electrical polarization (causing potential difference); ③ catalyst function (the information content of the electrode surface is converted into aerosol, etc.). The grounding device ring also has this kind of economic development effect, but the harm is very large and the level is smaller.
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