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Radar Level Meter’s Working Condition

 1. The influence of pressure on the reliable measurement of radar level meter

The radar level meter’s working is not affected by the air density when transmitting microwave signals, so the radar level meter can work normally under vacuum and pressure condition. However, due to the limitation of the structure of the radar detector, when the operating pressure in the container reaches a certain range, the radar level meter will produce a large measurement error. Therefore, in actual measurement, it should be noted that it cannot exceed the factory allowed Pressure value to ensure the reliability of radar level gauge measurement.

2.The influence of temperature on the reliable measurement of radar level gauge

The radar level meter emits microwaves without using air as the propagation medium, so the change in the temperature of the medium has little effect on the propagation speed of the microwave. However, the sensor and antenna parts of the radar level meter could not resistant to high temperatures. If the temperature of this part is too high, it will affect the reliable measurement and normal operation of the radar level meter.

Therefore, when use a radar level meter to measure high-temperature media, it is necessary to use cooling measures, or to keep a certain distance between the antenna horn and the highest liquid level to avoid the antenna from being affected by high temperature.

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