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What are the factors that cause gas turbine flow meter inaccuracy?

Firstly, check whether the technical parameters are consistent with the actual working conditions . Whether the medium, temperature and working pressure are all within the design range of the gas turbine flow meter. Does the actual temperature and pressure at the site often change in a wide range? Is the temperature and pressure compensation function when the model is selected at that time? 

Secondly, If there is no problem with the model selection, then need to check the following factors.

Factor 1. Check if there’s impurities in the measured medium, or whether the medium is corrosive. There should be a filter installed on the gas turbine flow meter.  
Factor 2. Check whether there is a strong interference source near the gas turbine flow meter, and whether the installation site is rain-proof and moisture-proof, and will not be subject to mechanical vibration. The more important point is whether there are strong corrosive gases in the environment.
Factor 3. If the flow rate of gas turbine flow meter is lower than the actual flow rate, it may be because the impeller is not sufficiently lubricated or the blade is broken.
Factor 4. Whether the installation of gas turbine flow meter meets the requirements of straight pipe section, because uneven flow velocity distribution and the existence of secondary flow in the pipeline are important factors, so the installation must ensure the upstream 20D and downstream 5D straight pipe requirements, and install a rectifier.
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