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How to install, maintain, and maintain thermal gas mass flow meters?

1.Installation environment and wiring
(1) If the converter is installed outdoors, an instrument box should be installed to avoid rain and sunlight.
(2) It is forbidden to install in a place with strong vibration, and it is prohibited to install in an environment with a large amount of corrosive gas.
(3) Do not share an AC power source with equipment that pollutes power sources such as inverters and electric welders. If necessary, install a clean power supply for the converter.
(4)The integrated plug-in type should be inserted into the axis of the pipe to be tested. Therefore, the length of the measuring rod depends on the diameter of the pipe to be tested and should be stated when ordering. If it cannot be inserted into the axis of the pipe, the factory will provide calibration coefficients to complete accurate measurement.

(1) The integrated plug-in installation is provided by the factory with pipe connectors and valves. For pipes that cannot be welded, pipe fixtures are provided by the manufacturer. For example, pipes can be welded. Weld the connecting piece with the pipeline first, then install the valve, drill holes with special tools, and then install the instrument. When maintaining the instrument, remove the instrument and close the valve, which will not affect normal production
(2) Pipe segment type installation should choose corresponding standard flange to connect with 
(3)When installing, pay attention to the "medium flow direction mark" marked on the instrument to be the same as the actual flow direction of the gas.

3.Commissioning and operating
After the instrument is turned on, it enters the measurement state. At this time, the data must be input according to the actual working conditions

(1)When opening the converter, be sure to turn off the power first.
(2) When removing the sensor, pay attention to whether the pipeline pressure, temperature or gas is toxic.
(3) The sensor is not sensitive to a small amount of dirt, but it should be cleaned regularly when used in a dirty environment. Otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy.

In the daily operation of the thermal gas mass flow meter, check and clean the flow meter, tighten the loose parts, timely find and deal with the abnormality of the flow meter in operation, ensure the normal operation of the flow meter, reduce and delay the wear of the components, Extend the service life of the flow meter. Some flow meters will become fouled after being used for a period of time, which should be cleaned by pickling etc. depending on the degree of fouling.
On the basis of ensuring accurate measurement, the thermal gas mass flow meter shall ensure the service life of the flow meter as much as possible. According to the working principle of the flow meter and the influencing factors of the measurement performance, carry out the targeted process design and installation. If the medium contains more impurities In many cases, a filter device must be installed before the flow meter; for some meters, a certain straight pipe length must be ensured before and after the process.
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