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Introduction to the product features and advantages of ultrasonic open channel flow meters.

Ultrasonic open channel flow meter uses ultrasonic and measures the water level and height-width ratio of the irrigation canal weir trough by touching, and then the microprocessor automatically calculates the matching flow value. When measuring flow, the liquid crystal display shows the instantaneous flow and total flow; when measuring the level gauge, it displays the information level gauge and the left and right line alarm signs. The data storage is EEPROM, and the data information in the equipment is not easy to lose when the power is off. The ultrasonic open channel flow meter is also equipped with an explosion-proof camera designed specifically for petroleum and chemical plants to consider the measurement requirements for waste water flow in explosion-proof areas of petroleum and chemical plants [protection level EX i a (d) i a II BT4], especially Applicable to the flow measurement verification of oily sewage.

We can show our customers Parsley slot, triangular weirs, rectangular frame weirs, display information headers, or design weir plate specifications for customers online. In order to better ensure the measurement precision of the ultrasonic open channel flow meter in many aspects and reduce the difficulty coefficient of customer adjustment, we choose the weir groove (weir plate) produced by our company.
Commercial characteristics of ultrasonic open channel flow meter:
  1. The measurement range is large, and the flow measurement will not be harmed by the intelligent backwater of the main and tributary surfaces.
  2. When measuring, it will not be harmed by suspended solids, fine sand, vapor bubbles and large changes in water level. The flow sensor will cause frictional resistance to the flowing water. It has a simple structure, small size and convenient installation.
  3. The standardized method can be installed immediately without renewal and transformation, and the construction cost of the installation project is low.
  4. The dashboard display information output function is complete, can display information water level, water flow, flow, total flow and other measurement data information, and have RS-485 communication sockets.
  5. It has the alarm function of water level, mud level and water flow exceeding limit.
6. It has the function of data information storage, which can store and set the main parameters and flow values under the condition of long-term power failure.
The ultrasonic open channel flow meter manufactured by Q&T Instrument is mainly used for the flow measurement verification of the industrial waste water outlet of sewage treatment plant, enterprise liquid enterprise, metropolitan sewer pipe flow meter, water conservancy project, river dredging and other industries. This type of instrument panel selects ultrasonic waves to cross the gas and measure by touch. Due to the dirty and corrosive liquid conditions, the instrument panel in other ways is more credible.
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