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What will happen to the split/plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter in application debugging?


What failures will occur during the debugging period of the plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter, the split type electromagnetic flowmeter and the preliminary debugging failure, but once the failure is improved, it will generally not occur again under the same conditions. Common faults are mainly due to the installation and commissioning period, environmental interference, and the influence of fluid characteristics. Three reasons.
Piping system installation, etc., the usual electromagnetic flow sensor installation location is not correct. For example, the flow sensor is installed in a natural gas pipeline network that is easy to accumulate. The flow sensor has no pressure, and the liquid is directly discharged into the atmosphere to form a complete measurement. Pipe; installed in the vertical line due to dirty, may appear empty, the installation of the flow meter is special, because of the potential underwater to ensure that there is no floating.

Environment, main pipeline stray current interference, space electromagnetic interference, large motor magnetic field interference, and other pipeline stray current interference usually take good grounding protection can be satisfactorily measured separately, but in the case of pipes with strong stray current (such as The assembly line of the electrolysis workshop cannot be overcome, and unique measures should be taken for the flow sensor and the pipe edge. Electromagnetic wave-space signal cable introduction, usually single or multiple shielding protection, but also encountered shielding protection can not be overcome.
Fluids containing small bubbles are usually evenly distributed and do not affect the normal measurement. Only the volume flow liquid and gas are combined; bubbles will increase the fluctuation of the output signal. If the large bubbles cover the entire surface of the electrode flowing through the electrode, the electrode signal will be disconnected instantaneously Circuit, the output signal will produce larger fluctuations.
low frequency (50/16 Hz-50/6 Hz) rectangular wave excitation split electromagnetic flowmeter will produce noise when the liquid contains solids exceeding a certain content of slurry, and the output signal will also fluctuate to a certain extent.
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