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What should I do if there is no signal during steam vortex flowmeter operation?

The vortex flow meter is a volume flowmeter that measures the volume flow of gas, steam or liquid, the volume flow of standard conditions, or the mass flow of gas, steam or liquid based on the vortex principle. Today, the flowmeter manufacturer Q&T Instrument passed this article for You explain several processing methods, and you can collect them if you need them.

1First confirm whether there is traffic.
2. Check the power supply, the voltage across the positive and negative poles must be between 10.5-50VDC.
(1). If the voltage is zero, check the power supply fuse;
(2). If the voltage is very low but not zero, the flowmeter may be equipped with a power source. Open the field terminal cover, disconnect the positive and negative poles, and measure the supply voltage. If the voltage is normal, the power supply circuit at this point is normal, and the positive and negative poles are reconnected;
(3). Open the isolation cover of the electronic module, disconnect the red and green wires of the wiring terminals on the front of the electronic module, measure the voltage between the red wire and the green wire, if the voltage is normal, the electronic module is damaged, replace the electronic module;
(4). If the voltage is still low, the case/terminals are damaged, replace the case or return the meter to the factory for repair;
Check the 4-20mA output circuit;

(5). The 4-20mA loop can be detected by the test socket on the field output terminal board, which produces a voltage signal of 0.1-0.5 corresponding to a 4-20mA current signal. Before that, please make sure that the switch J is off because the test socket is pulsed Output mode. The following is not available..
3. Increase the flow to confirm that the vortex flow meter is not working and below the low flow blocking range
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