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Can electromagnetic flow meters be used for rural sewage treatment?

Can electromagnetic flow meters be used for rural sewage treatment? The answer is of course yes.
Electromagnetic flow meter-the characteristics of rural domestic sewage treatment: restaurant kitchen drinking water, shower water, cleaning water and toilet flushing water decentralized, the village does not have all collection equipment, with the washing of precipitation, the soil layer is injected into rivers, lakes and marshes, canals, The key feature of groundwater bodies, soil moisture and surface water bodies such as ponds and water conservancy hubs is the high content of soil organic matter.

The advantages and disadvantages of pressure transmitters in different rural sewage treatment methods.

1.A reasonable algae pool.

Compared with the traditional stable pond, the effective algae pond has short waiting time, small area, simple construction, simple maintenance, less investment in infrastructure, low operation cost, and very good deamination effect, but it will be affected by temperature and other environmental factors. harm.

2.Microbial filtration device. The microbial filter has strong impact load resistance, cold resistance, and does not swell the sludge. It can avoid the outflow of microbial strains and maintain the total number of microbial strains. The normal operation and management methods are simple and the actual solution is stable. The production process is simple, the project investment is small, and the temperature hazard is small. The sloping plate sedimentation tank is a semi-enclosed or fully enclosed structure, and the biochemical reaction is less harmful to the external temperature, and it is suitable for application in severe cold areas in the north.
3.Artificial wetland .

Among solutions with different business scales, low capital construction costs, various ecosystems, or simple construction, the use of constructed wetland system software for wastewater treatment has significant advantages, and it is applicable to different scales of operations and low capital construction costs. , No complicated industrial equipment, convenient practical operation and management methods. The time for perfection of the soil layer flow constructed wetland is relatively short, only 3 to 4 months. Because soil fluidity constructed wetlands mostly use low-lying wetlands, waste river banks and other low-lying renovation and reconstruction, the basic construction cost is relatively low. Based on the local topography, the cooperative sewage treatment system software is selected, and the adjustment tank uses a brick-concrete building structure to reduce occupation. To save costs.

4 .No driving force buried daily sewage treatment equipment.
Non-driving buried daily life sewage treatment equipment does not require normal operation costs, and is suitable for the decentralized solution of rural domestic sewage treatment. The response is sensitive to the impact of hydroelectric power generation in the system, and heavy rainstorms are very harmful to it. Project construction in North China should consider cold protection and increase project investment costs.

5.Clean up the domestic sewage treatment in the soft biogas digester.From the development trend of FRP septic tank and soft biogas digester, the software biogas digester is cleaned, and the FRP septic tank solves the defects of poor actual effect, high sludge, and poor utilization of biogas liquid

6.the sewage treatment process of the soil infiltration system
This technology makes use of the pure natural cleaning ability of the soil layer, low infrastructure investment, low operation cost, simple practical operation and management methods, and can make full use of the fertilizer and water resources in the wastewater, closely integrate sewage treatment and landscaping, clean and improve the regional ecology Environmental protection.
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