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How much is a vortex flowmeter and what factors are related


There are many vortex flowmeter manufacturers on the market, but the prices are different. why? What is the price of a vortex flowmeter?
It requires field parameters based on pipe diameter, medium, temperature and pressure.
1. Flow meter type
There are many different types and types of vortex flowmeters on the market, and different types have different technical parameters. The production cost invested in the production process is different, and the market price is also different.
2. Purchase volume
The unevenness of the price of vortex flowmeters is also affected by the purchase volume. If the purchase is large, the manufacturer will offer some discounts. However, if the purchase volume is relatively small and can only be sold at retail prices, the price difference will increase slightly.
3. Movement
When the flow is large, you need to use a larger diameter vortex flowmeter. If the flow is very small, a smaller diameter flowmeter can be used.
4. Process technology
The price of the vortex flowmeter is also affected by the technical content of the flowmeter. How much technology the company invests in the production of the flowmeter and whether it uses advanced production equipment will affect the market cost of the flowmeter.
The above points are the main factors affecting the price of vortex flowmeters. When choosing a flow meter, no matter which flow meter we choose, we must choose according to our needs. If you cannot pay, please ask for the price.
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