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Our government and the Department of Commerce visited Q&T Instrument for research and guidance on 2020.12.25

Under the epidemic situation, the development of economy and trade has been highly valued and supported by our government and the Department of Commerce. On December 25, 2020, Guo Yonghe, a secondary investigator of the E-commerce Department of the Provincial Department of Commerce, and Song Jianan, a member of the E-commerce Department of the Provincial Department of Commerce, and secretary general of Henan Electronic Commerce Association Zhang Sufeng came to visit our factory and were received by Manager Hu and Manager Tian. These leaders of the Department of Commerce came to our factory mainly for guiding the development and future planning of online trade in current environment.

Manager Hu led the leaders of the Department of Commerce to visit our workshops
They learned and affirmed our factory's production equipment and processing technology, and highly praised our rigorous quality control. They expect Q&T Instrument to implement and adhere to the quality first standard, so that consumers can buy with confidence.
Leaders of the Department of Commerce visited Q&T Instrument Exhibition Hall to see our product kinds, learn their function and application.
After the visit, Manager Hu and Manager Tian led the leaders of the Department of Commerce to the conference room to discuss the current online business situation of Q&T Instrument. For the current epidemic environment, they analyzed the problems encountered in online trade and the future development situation, and gave a lot of attention to the foreign trade department. They highly praised our performance we have got by continuously adjust the plan according to the situation and gave support and help to the direction of future development.

After the meeting, the group leader of the Department of Commerce Guo Yonghe and the team members Song Jianan, Zhang Sufeng and other leaders inspected the operation and development of each platform, deeply understood the development of Q&T Instrument, and gave high expectations and praise for the thriving of Q&T instrument

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