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What should be paid attention to when installing dual-channel ultrasonic flow meter?

The application of dual-channel ultrasonic meters is more stable than that of mono ultrasonic meters. Now many applications of dual-channel ultrasonic meters are on the spot. So what problems must be paid attention to during the whole installation process?

1. Try to clean the pipeline before installing the dual-channel ultrasonic flow meter to prevent debris from destroying the air flow meter;
2. The dual-channel ultrasonic flow meter belongs to a more precious instrument. Try to be careful when you lift it up and learn to put it down. It is strictly forbidden to lift the meter head and sensor cable;
3. It is forbidden to get close to high-temperature pyrogens such as electric welding, to avoid battery explosion, injury and instrument damage;
4. Attention should be paid to the installation position of the dual-channel ultrasonic flow meter. The steam flow meter should be prevented from being installed above the pipeline (bubble will appear in the pipeline), and it should not be installed close to the elbow (which will cause vortex flow). Eliminate pumps and other machinery and equipment (which will cause pulsating beverage flow); The connecting pipes at the upstream, downstream and middle and downstream of the ultrasonic flow meter should be consistent with the size of the steam flow meter caliber, and the diameter cannot be reduced;
5.The direction indicated by the upward arrow on the surface of the dual-channel ultrasonic flow meter is the direction of flowing water, which cannot be reversed;
6. In order to better ensure the accuracy of measurement verification, the installation of dual-channel ultrasonic flow meter should pre-bury a certain distance of the connecting section. Generally, 10 times the pipe diameter length is required before the meter, and 5 times the pipe behind the meter. Takeover section with short diameter;
7. It is proposed that the front end of the dual-channel ultrasonic flow meter should be equipped with a relatively caliber filter device; the front of the meter is equipped with a relative caliber gate valve and it can be separated from the surface, which is conducive to future maintenance and repair;
8. Check the current situation as much as possible before recording the two-channel ultrasonic flow rate;
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