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Multi-channel Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Multi-channel Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Multi-channel Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Multi-channel Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Multi-channel Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Accuracy: ±0.5 %
Repeatabilty: ±0.2%
Viscosity: 0.1 ~ ±7 m/s
Measuring cycle: 50mS. (20 times/s,collect 64 groups data)
Display: Backlight LCD display
Technical Data
Multi-channel ultrasonic flow meter is suitable for continuously measuring flow and heat of clean and uniform liquids without large concentration suspended particles or gases industrial environment.
Support single channel and multi-channel at the same time,when one of channel is abnormal or not connected,it can automatically switch to single channel to working .
Multi-Channel Ultrsonic Flow Meter Advantages and Disadvantages
The pipe segment sensor is a measurement method that uses a flange to directly connect the pipe segment sensor with the pipeline to be measured. This sensor solves the problem of external and plug-in sensors caused by man-made or inaccurate pipeline parameters during the installation process. Errors cause the problem of decreased measurement accuracy, which has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, good stability, and easy maintenance
Multi-channel ultrasonic flow meter could connect temperature sensor to become one calorimeter and widely be used in Process control, Production measurement, Trade settlement.
Water treatment
Water treatment
Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Chemical Monitoring
Chemical Monitoring
Metallurgical Industry
Metallurgical Industry
Public Drainage
Public Drainage
Technical Data

Table 1: Multi-Channel Ultrasonic Flowmeter Specification

Accuracy ±0.5 %
Repeatabilty ±0.2%
Viscosity 0.1 ~ ±7 m/s
Measuring cycle 50mS. (20 times/s,collect 64 groups data)
Display Backlight LCD display
Input 2-way two-wire PT1000  
Output 4~20mA,Pulse,OCT,RS485
Other function Memory total flow date,month,year
Fault self-diagnosis function
Cable length Max.100m
Pipe inner dia. 50mm ~1200mm
Pipe Steel,Stainless steel,Cast iron,PVC,Cement pipe and allow pipe with lining
Straight pipe Upstream≥10D,Downstream≥5D,Pump outlet≥30D
Media Water,Seawater,Acid solution,Cooking oil,Gasoline,Coal oil,Diesel,Alcohol,
Beer and other uniform liquid could transmitting ultrasonic waves
Turbidity ≤10000 ppm,low bubble content
Temperature -10~150℃
Flow direction Could separately measure forward and reverse flow,and could measure net flow
Temperature Host:-10-70℃; Sensor:-30℃ ~ +150℃ 
Humidity Host:85%RH
Power supply DC24V, AC220V
Body material Carbon steel, SUS304, SUS316

Table 2: Multi-Channel Ultrasonic Flowmeter Specification

Caliber 50~2000 mm            
Body Material Carbon steel C        
SS304 S0
SS316 S1
Nominal pressure 0.6 Mpa P1
1.0 MPa P2
1.6 MPa P3
2.5 MPa P4
Other special P5
Output 4-20mA,Pulse,OCT,RS485 O
Structure Integral I
Remote R
Connection Flange 1
Multi-channel ultrasonic flow meter installation requirements
The pipe section where the sensor of the pipe-segment ultrasonic flowmeter is located should ensure that it is always filled with a steady flow of fluid (liquid) that does not scatter. This requires that the location of the sensor should be at the low end of the pipe. Both the instrument and the sensor installation location should be far away from the interference source.
The interference source consists of two parts:
1. Interference sources that can cause mechanical vibration of the measured fluid (liquid), such as water supply pumps, water supply motors, etc.
2. Electromagnetic interference sources that can cause instrument signal disorder, such as transformers, high-power motors, frequency conversion cabinets, high-voltage power supplies, and other electromagnetic interference sources.
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