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How to determine the selection of integrated and split electromagnetic flowmeter?

The correct selection of electromagnetic flowmeter is a prerequisite to ensure good use of electromagnetic flowmeter. The choice of electromagnetic flowmeter should be determined by the physical and chemical properties of the conductive liquid medium being measured. Important factors to consider: electromagnetic flowmeter diameter, flow range (maximum flow, minimum flow), lining material, electrode material, output signal. So under what circumstances should one-piece and split-type be used?

Integrated type: Under the conditions of good on-site environment, the integrated type is normally selected, that is, the sensor and the converter are integrated.
Split type: The flow meter consists of two parts: sensor and converter. Generally, split type is used when the following situations occur. 

1.The ambient temperature or the radiation temperature on the surface of the flowmeter converter is greater than 60°C. 
2.Occasions where pipeline vibration is large. 
3.Severely corroded the aluminum shell of the sensor. 
4.The site with high humidity or corrosive gas. 
5. The flowmeter is installed at high altitude or inconvenient places for underground debugging.
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