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Why is the electromagnetic flowmeter installed upstream of the control valve?

Flow meters and valves are among the most commonly used equipment. The flowmeter and valve are often installed in series on the same pipe, and the distance between the two can vary, but a question that designers often have to deal with is whether the flowmeter is on the front or back of the valve.

In general, we recommend that the flow meter be installed in front of the control valve. This is because when the control valve is controlling the flow, it is unavoidable that sometimes the opening degree is small or all closed, which will easily cause negative pressure in the measurement pipeline of the flowmeter. If the negative pressure in the pipeline reaches a certain state, it is easy to cause the lining of the pipeline to fall off. Therefore, we generally make a good analysis according to the requirements of the pipeline and on-site requirements during installation for better installation and use.

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