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Application of Thermal Gas Mass Flowmeter in High-Pressure Natural Gas Metering.

Since the start of the West-East Gas Pipeline Project in 2001, natural gas has become a key area in the development of the domestic energy industry, and thermal gas mass flow meters have become suitable instruments for measuring high-pressure gas measurement. Below we analyze from the perspective of product performance and installation cost, why thermal gas mass flowmeter can become a suitable low-level meter in high-pressure natural gas measurement.

1. Product performance analysis.
In high-pressure natural gas measurement, due to the long pipeline distance, it is easy to produce pressure loss and high natural gas pressure. The thermal gas mass flowmeter has good reliability, small pressure loss, long service life, wide range ratio, and has a self-diagnostic function. An excellent meter in the field of high-pressure metering.
The thermal gas mass flowmeter has an online plug-in function, which can inspect and repair the instrument under the normal flow of the medium, which meets the principle of uninterrupted natural gas supply.

2. Analysis from the perspective of natural gas trade settlement. 
Long-distance pipelines generally adopt high-pressure transportation and require uninterrupted gas supply in the pipeline, so that pulsating flow is easily generated in the pipeline. During the process of gas transmission from upstream to downstream, the valve is easily shocked when the valve is opened, which can easily impact the downstream flowmeter. Damage to the flow meter will cause inaccurate measurement of the meter, cause trade disputes, and increase the maintenance cost of the meter.
The thermal gas mass flowmeter can measure the mass flow of gas and has high measurement accuracy and performance stability. It can ensure that the upstream and downstream trade settlements are carried out in an orderly manner, and will not fall into trade disputes due to the failure of the metering instrument.
3. From an economic perspective.
The thermal gas mass flowmeter reduces maintenance costs due to its stable performance in the field application, and the instrument has a long service life. Compared with other meters, it has temperature and pressure compensation functions. It is not necessary to consider temperature transmitters and pressure transmitters during field installation. Save purchase cost, and installation cycle cost.

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