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Increasing of natural gas developed to gas turbine flow meter manufacturer.

The sudden epidemic seriously impacted our economy, causing unprecedented impact. “six stability,six guarantees,”are requirement to economy work in this year. At presence, strengthening the construction of new infrastructure,  stimulating new consumption and boosting industrial upgrading have become a realistic and urgent choice of economic development. On the 26th, Li Yalan, the current vice chairman of International Gas Union ( IGU ), executive director of the China city gas association,and chairman of Beijing gas group, said that according to estimates, at this stage, my country’s natural gas consumption increases by 50 billion cubic meters can drive 1.2 trillion yuan. investment.

International gas union (IGU) is the larger of gas industrial,is the most powerful of non-profit international group in the world,have better than 170 member, Covering more than 97% of the global market and the entire natural gas industry chain. Li Yalan is the current vice chairman of IGU,and will be chairman. This will be the first time that the world’s largest gas organization has been established in the past 90 years, with a Chinese as its head.

Li Yalan believes that the development of the natural gas industry is highly compatible with the country's strengthening of traditional infrastructure and new infrastructure investment. Since natural gas is a clean energy source that meets the needs of the people for a better life, there will be no sequelae of stimulating investment. She said that at present, my country's natural gas storage, long-distance pipeline network, and imported liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving stations have obvious shortcomings in infrastructure construction and urgently need to be strengthened, especially the upgrade and transformation of pipelines and gas meters in old urban communities Heavy and large gap. The upgrading of the natural gas industry urgently needs to be integrated with 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, Beidou positioning and other technologies, which can greatly improve gas safety and service levels, improve user experience, and promote natural gas consumption, as well as contribute to energy conservation and energy revolution. And every increase of 50 billion cubic meters in natural gas demand can drive 1.2 trillion yuan of investment in the entire industry chain.

The use of natural gas is more widespread, and it also drives the development of many industries. For example, the gas turbine flow meter produced by our company is mainly used in the measurement of natural gas. It is a flow meter often used in trade settlement. The accuracy of this gas turbine flow meter It is relatively high, convenient to use, and convenient to maintain. Our company has cooperated with many natural gas suppliers. Q&T Instruments, a gas turbine flow meter manufacturer, will continue to work hard and make contributions to better measurement.
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