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Open channel flow meter installation step
The open channel flowmeter should be installed according to the steps. Improper installation will affect the accuracy of the measurement.
radar flow meter manufacturer
QTFL Radar Flow Meter
QTFL Radar Flow Meter is mainly used for water measurement of open channel in irrigation area.
principle of ultrasonic open channel flowmeter
The principle of ultrasonic open channel flowmeter and the performance of measurement advantages.
Open channel flow meter is designed to output a certain frequency electronic signal to encourage piezoelectric crystallization in the probe Send an ultrasonic data signal of a special frequency.
Ultrasonic full channel wide-open channel flowmeter
Ultrasonic full channel wide-open channel flowmeter
Intelligent open channel flow measurement system-integrated gate control, full channel width flowmeter is the only intelligent open channel flowmeter that can directly measure the average flow velocity of the flow section.
ultrasonic open channel flowmeter
Precautions for installation of ultrasonic open channel flowmeter.
Ultrasonic open channel flowmeters are used in urban water supply diversion channels, power plant cooling water diversion and drainage channels, sewage treatment inflow, etc.
ultrasonic open channel flow meter
Introduction to the product features and advantages of ultrasonic open channel flow meters.
Ultrasonic open channel flow meter uses ultrasonic and measures the water level and height-width ratio of the irrigation canal weir trough by touching, and then the microprocessor automatically calculates the matching flow value.
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