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Heating energy

In February 2018, the local government of Kazakhstan wants to build new thermal power plants and start bidding globally. They need to measure steam flow accurately and charge money. It needs an optimal flowmeter that can meet the trade settlement function and measure steam.
Our company recommend 1% high-precision, Anti-vibration & drift performance vortex flow meter to customers. After several rounds of negotiation and on-site field visits, we had been shortlisted successfully and provided 10 sets DN50 vortex flowmeters as sample test. The instrument had been tested for pressure and leakproof before leave factory, one-to-one calibration and with test report, and the product quality is strictly controlled. At present, it is running well at the customer's site, Q & T is negotiating with the customer for further cooperation plans for the project.                                                                                                                                                              Q & T Instrument has been focusing on fluid measurement and control for 15 years. With high-quality products, professional technology and good service, relying on sophisticated equipment, perfect management and years of upholding the principle of focusing customers' interests, we have won extensive market support and recognition from large number of customers. 

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