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Gas Turbine Flow Meter Applicated in Urban Gas Transmission

Gas flow measurement in urban gas transmission and distribution directly reflects the work efficiency of the gas management department. It is also an important indicator for the task assessment of relevant work departments. 
Recently our client chose gas turbine flow meter produced by our company as the measuring instrument for evaluation and achieved very good production results. Client required working method is to adopt a distribution method that is mainly based on regional measurement assessment and supplemented by planned assessment. It is to promote the installation of closed measurement at service stations for fee assessment. 
The gas turbine flow meters produced by our company are based on the reliable performance and provided good technical support to the increase and efficiency of client company’s production.

For the application of gas turbine flow meter in artificial gas, the actual effect of the application is as follows:
In actual work, each pressure regulating station evaluates the regional charge by the difference between the total table (gas turbine flow meter) and the user’s sub-meter of the area, then analyse the operation status of the regional pipeline network.
The characteristics of the gas consumption area are:
1.When the high peak and low peak of gas consumption, the flow rate changes much. The general flow meter is required to be with a wider range ratio.
2.The low peak of gas consumption is very small, sometimes only of a few residential stoves, and the general flow meter is required to be with a very low starting flow rate. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account both the upper and lower limit flow rate. 
Thus Gas turbine flow meter is a good choice for such application. 

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