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The Application of Electromagnetic Flow Meter for Paper & Pulp Industry

Papermaking is a continuous production process, so the continuity and effective control of the production line has become a bottleneck restricting the quality of papermaking. How to effectively stabilize the quality of finished paper? The electromagnetic flow meter plays an important role in this regard.
Mr Xu from a well-known papermaking company in Hubei contact us and said that he wanted to optimize the papermaking process, and an electromagnetic flow meter was needed in the pulp supply system to measure and control the flow rate of the slurry. Because I have been in the paper industry for a long time, we have a in-depth communication with him.
The general slurry supply system includes the following production process:  disintegration process, beating process and slurry mixing process. During the disintegration process, an electromagnetic flow meter is used to accurately measure the flow rate of the disintegrated slurry to ensure the stability of the disintegrated slurry and ensure the stability of the slurry in the subsequent beating process. During the beating process, the electromagnetic flow meter and the regulating valve constitutes a PID regulating loop to ensure the stability of the slurry entering the grinding disc, thereby improving the working efficiency of the grinding disc, stabilizing the slurry and solution degree, and then improving the quality of beating. 
In the process of pulping, the following conditions must be met: 1. The proportion and concentration of the pulp must be constant, and the fluctuation cannot exceed 2%. 2. The pulp delivered to the paper machine must be stable to ensure the normal supply of the paper machine the amount. 3. Reserve a certain amount of slurry to adapt to changes in paper machine speed and varieties. Because the most important thing in the pulping process is the flow control of the pulp. An electromagnetic flow meter is installed at the outlet of the pulp pump for each type of pulp, and the pulp flow is adjusted through a regulating valve to ensure that each type of pulp is in accordance with the process requirements. The adjustment of the slurry finally realizes a stable and uniform slurry ratio.
After discussing with Mr Xu, he was impressed by our electromagnetic flow meter, and immediately placed an order. At present, the electromagnetic flow meter has been operating normally online for more than a year.

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