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Sewage treatment

In September 2018, our company received an order of 36 sets battery powered electromagnetic flow meter from Singapore's sewage treatment plant. The local government needs all industrial enterprises to gradually realize the sewage discharge by card swiping. This action will also be incorporated into the existing environmental law enforcement system. The pollutant discharge management platform keeps abreast of the company's pollutant discharge situation, urges the company to reasonably arrange the production schedule, and strictly controls the total pollutant discharge in accordance with the environmental assessment approval indicators.                                                                                                                                                                                The project requires inline electromagnetic flow meter with strong resistance to electromagnetic interference; high precision and wide measurement range, especially the power supply requires 3.6V lithium battery power supply or 220V AC power supply. When there has power failure, the 3.6V lithium battery will provide automatic power supply; when resume the power supply, the 3.6V lithium battery automatically enters sleep mode; work for 5-8 years continuously, the sensor protection class IP68.
In the credit card discharge control system, a battery powered electromagnetic flowmeter needs to be installed at the water inlet and discharge of the enterprise for measurement and data upload to provide data support for controlling the sewage discharge of the enterprise. The comprehensive evaluation of this enterprise's multi-channel consultation and inspection finally recommends Q &T Brand.

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