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Metal tube rotameter for chemical industry

In June. 2019, we supply 45 sets metal tube rotameters to Sudan Khartoum Chemical Co. LTD, which used for chlorine gas measurement in the process of producing alkali. 
If need to measure the chlorine gas, which will request the flow sensor has good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance,so the flow sensor which contact the measuring medium will adopt SS304 material with PTFE liner.

One of the metal tube specifications as below:
Pipe size: DN15, with 20℃ process temperature, working pressure: 12bar, measuring range: 0.2Nm3/h ~ 2Nm3/h, accuracy requirement: 2.5%, LCD display instantaneous flow and total flow, 24VDC power supply, 4-20mA output, flow sensor SS304 with PTFE liner, Vertical installation (from bottom to top), Protection: IP65,flange connection, DIN PN16 flange standard.

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