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Magnetic flow meter measures heat

In the heating system, thermal energy monitoring is a very important link. 
The American-controlled electromagnetic heat meter is used to calculate the on-site heat and control the on-site temperature to ensure that there will be no overheating and achieve the purpose of saving energy.
The site is a pig farm, and the on-site equipment provides heat to the pig house to keep the pig house at a constant temperature. In order to prevent the pig house from overheating, the electromagnetic heat meter measures the heat in the pipe so as to control the heat pump to make the pig house reach a constant temperature state and realize the effect of energy saving.
At the use site, the electromagnetic heat meter can display instantaneous flow, accumulated flow, instantaneous cooling and heating, accumulated cooling and heating, inlet temperature, and outlet temperature. The user does not need on-site debugging. The debugging has been completed before leaving the factory. After installing the cold-calorimeter sensor and a pair of temperature sensors, they can be used directly to realize on-site automatic measurement and temperature control. The instrument comes with 4-20mA, Pulse and RS485 communication, which can be centrally monitored and controlled.

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