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Tri-clamp Electromagnetic Flow Meter Application

Tri-clamp electromagnetic flow meter is widely used in food/drink industries such as milk, beer, wine, etc. 

On Sep. 12, 2019, one milk factory in new Zealand successfully installed a DN50 tri-clamp electromagnetic flow meter and its accuracy reach to 0.3% after we use the weigh to calibrate its measurement in their factory. 

They use this flow meter to measure how much milk pass through their pipeline. Their flow velocity is roughly about 3m/s, flow rate is roughly about 35.33 m3/h, a perfect working condition for electromagnetic flow meter. Electromagnetic flow meter can measure flow velocity from 0.5m/s to 15m/s.

The milk factory will disinfect the milk pipeline each day, so tri-clamp type is very suitable for them. They can dismantle the flow meter very easily and after disinfection they’ll install the flow meter again.

They use SS316L material to ensure the flow meter is harmless to body.
Finally, the factory pass the accuracy test and they are very satisfied with our flow meter.

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