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Application of Ultrasonic Flow Meter in Hydro power Plant

With the upgrading of ultrasonic flow meter processing technology and the application of more intelligent technologies in ultrasonic flow measurement, its market share continues to increase, and because of the simplicity and convenience of installation and commissioning, in many sewage treatment, municipal engineering, For large-diameter pipeline liquid measurement, because ultrasonic flow meters have outstanding technical application advantages, ultrasonic flow meters have received extensive attention in various fields such as power plant flow measurement and can be reflected in the following application cases.
The flow of circulating water needs to be measured in a hydro power station in India. Because the diameter of the pipe to be measured belongs to the super-large model, respectively DN3000mm model and DN2000mm, after comprehensive analysis and demonstration of the flow rate to be measured and various types of flow meters, In the end, it was considered that the most economical and feasible ultrasonic flow meter can be used to solve this solution, so the ultrasonic flow meter was finally selected to accurately measure the circulating water flow, and the corresponding problems were solved.
   In 2008, the Brazilian Canal Power Plant needed to measure the relevant oil quantity in practice. Due to the mass flow meter used before, it was expensive and the operation period was long. The installation of the mass flow meter was also very inconvenient. Later, the power plant chose the external clamp ultrasonic flow meter, which not only solved the existing problems, but also achieved effective measurement results at a lower cost.
  At present, ultrasonic flow meters have been used as the main flow measurement tool in more and more power plants. The convenience of installation and maintenance and the advantages of long life cycle make ultrasonic flow meters very popular. Although ultrasonic flow meters still have certain defects, However, it is believed that with the rapid development of science and technology, ultrasonic flow meters will gain a broader development space with its comprehensive advantages.

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