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Turbine flowmeter used for measuring diesel oil in Chennai India

One our of distributor in Chennai India,their end user customer need a economical flowmeter for measuring the diesel oil.The pipeline diameter is 40mm,working pressure is 2-3bars,working temperature is 30-45℃,the maxi.consumption is 280L/m,the mini. Consumption is 30L/m.There are same 8 pipelines,each pipe lines install one set flowmeter.

The end user needs the goods urgently,the goods has to be shipped by air.At the beginning,the end user request oval gear flowmeter,but oval gear flowmeter’s delivery is 10days,at the same time,oval gear flowmeter is very heavy,but the end user’s budget is limited.

After checking these information,our sales recommend the liquid turbine flowmeter to the customer.The turbine is one of main flowmeter for measuring the diesel oil,the oil without conductivity,so electromagnetic flowmeter could not be used.And the diesel oil’s PH is alkalescence,the turbine flowmeter’s impeller is stainless iron 430F,it can totally meet the requirements of diesel oil measurement,and it will not appear the chemical reaction.At the same time,the body is made by SS304,it is suitable to measure the diesel oil.

  Finally,the end user agree to try the turbine flowmeter.After the meter installed,it works very good,the end user is very happy and they promise to place the 2nd order to our distributor.

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