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80G Radar Level Meter
80G Radar Level Meter
80G Radar Level Meter
80G Radar Level Meter

80G Radar Level Meter

Frequency: 76GHz - 81GHz
Measuring range: 0.3 m- 120m
Measurement accuracy: ±1mm
Power: 15-28VDC
Communication: 4-20mA. HART, MODBUS
Technical Data
RD800 76-81GHz frequency modulation wave FMCW radar product (also called millimeter wave radar), it uses a millimeter wave band with high frequency, it can detect smaller targets and achieve more precise positioning than microwave radar with higher resolution and stronger confidentiality. Therefore, it has important applications in long-distance target detection, strong smoke and dust environment, long-distance imaging, multi-spectral imaging, etc. 
(1)Based on self-developed millimeter-wave radio frequency chip to achieve a more compact radio frequency architecture;
(2) Higher signal-to-noise ratio, almost unaffected by level fluctuations;
(3) The measurement accuracy is millimeter-level accuracy (1mm), which can be used for metrology-level measurement;
(4) The measurement blind area is small (3cm), and the effect of measuring the liquid level of small storage tanks is better;
(5) The beam angle can reach 3°, and the energy is more focused, effectively avoiding false echo interference;
(6) High frequency signal, can effectively measure the level of medium with low dielectric constant (ε≥1.5);
(7) Strong anti-interference, almost unaffected by dust, steam, temperature and pressure changes;
(8) The antenna adopts PTFE lens, which is effective anti-corrosion and anti-hanging material;
(9) Support remote debugging and remote upgrade, reduce waiting time and improve work efficiency;
(10) It supports mobile phone Bluetooth debugging, which is convenient for maintenance work of on-site personnel. 
Measure the level of solid particles, chemical liquid tank, oil tank and process containers.
1.Radar level meter is working based on electromagnetic wave. So it could have max 120m measure range.
2.Compared with other type level meter, 80G radar level meter could measure different kinds of oil, chemical liquids, solid powder,and many other mediums.
3. 80G radar level meter could work in harsh working condition. It won't be affected by temperature, pressure and humidity. With PTFE horn, it even could work in corrosive condition, such as acid liquid.
4.Customer also could choose different connection methods, such as flange, thread, bracket.
Oil tank
Oil tank
Mine powder
Mine powder
Sea side
Sea side
Lake side
Lake side
Solid Particles
Solid Particles
Technical Data

Table 1 : Technical Parameters

Frequency 76GHz ~ 81GHz,  5GHz FMCW bandwidth
Measuring range x0: 0.3 m ~ 60m
x1: 0.08m~30m
x2: 0.6m ~ 120m
Measurement accuracy ±1mm
Beam angle 3°/6°
Minimum measured dielectric constant >=2
Power 15~28VDC
Communication 2x: MODBUS
3x: HART/Series
Signal output 2x: 4 ~ 20mA or RS-485
3x: 4~20mA
Fault output 3.8mA, 4mA, 20mA, 21mA, hold
Field operation / programming 128 × 64 dot matrix display / 4 buttons
PC software
 humidity ≤95%RH
Enclosure Aluminum alloy, stainless steel
Antenna type Lens antenna/anti-corrosive antenna / flange isolated by quartz
Process temperature T0:-40~85℃; T1:-40~200℃; T2:-40~500℃; T3:-40~1000℃
Process pressure -0.1~2MPa
Product Size Ø100*270mm
Cable entry M20*1.5
Recommended cables AWG18 or 0.75mm²
Protection class IP67
Explosion-proof grade ExdiaIICT6
Installation method Thread or flange
Weight 2.480Kg/2.995Kg
Packing box size 370*270*180mm

4-wire product

2-wire product

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