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Radar Level Meter
Radar Level Meter
Radar Level Meter
Radar Level Meter

902 Radar Level Meter

Explosion-proof Grade: Exia IIC T6 Ga
Measuring Range: 30 meters
Frequency: 26 GHz
Temperature: -60℃~ 150℃
Measurement Precision: ±2mm
Technical Data
902 radar level meter has the advantages of low maintenance, high performance, high precision, high reliability, and long service life. Compared with ultrasonic level meter, heavy hammer and other contact instruments, the transmission of microwave signals is not affected by the atmosphere, so it can meet the harsh environment requirements of volatile gases, high temperature, high pressure, steam, vacuum and high dust in the process. This product is suitable for harsh environments such as high temperature, high pressure, vacuum, steam, high dust and volatile gas, and can continuously measure different material levels.
Radar Level Meter Advantages and Disadvantages
1. Using 26GHz high-frequency transmitting frequency, the beam angle is small, the energy is concentrated, and it has stronger anti-interference ability, which greatly improves the measurement accuracy and reliability;
2. The antenna is small in size, easy to install, and has a variety of sizes to choose from, suitable for different measuring ranges;
3. The wavelength is shorter, which has a better effect on inclined solid surfaces;
4. The measurement blind area is smaller, and good results can be obtained for small tank measurement;
5. Hardly affected by corrosion and foam;
6. Almost unaffected by changes in water vapor, temperature and pressure in the atmosphere;
7. Dust environment will not affect radar level meter work;
Measurement of solid particles, chemical liquid tank, oil tank and process containers.
1.Radar level meter is working based on electromagnetic wave. So it could have max 70m measure range and with stable working.
2.Compared with ultrasonic level meter, radar level meter could measure different kinds of liquids, powder, dust, and many other mediums.
3.Radar level meter could work in harsh working condition. It won’t be affected by temperature, pressure and humidity. With PTFE horn, it even could work in corrosive condition, such as acid.
4.Customer also could choose different connection methods, such as flange, thread, bracket. The level meter’s material is SS304. SS316 material is optional.
Chemical Liquid Tank
Chemical Liquid Tank
Solid Particles
Solid Particles
Oil Tank
Oil Tank
Technical Data

Table 1: Technical Data For Radar Level Meter

Explosion-proof Grade Exia IIC T6 Ga
Measuring Range 30 meters
Frequency  26 GHz
Temperature: -60℃~ 150℃
Measurement Precision ±2mm
Process Pressure -0.1~4.0 MPa
The Signal Output (4~20)mA/HART(Two wire/Four)RS485/Modbus
The Scene Display Four digital LCD
Shell Aluminum
Connection Flange (optional)/Thread
Protection Grade IP67

Table 2: Drawing For 902 Radar Level Meter


Table 3: Model Choose Of Radar Level Meter

RD92 X X X X X X X X
License Standard (Non-explosion-proof) P
Intrinsically safe (Exia IIC T6 Ga) I
Intrinsically safe type, Flameproof (Exd (ia) IIC T6 Ga) G
Process Connection / Material Thread G1½″A / Stainless Steel 304 G
Thread 1½″ NPT / Stainless Steel 304 N
Flange DN50 / Stainless Steel 304 A
Flange DN80 / Stainless Steel 304 B
Flange DN100 / Stainless Steel 304 C
Special Custom-tailor Y
Antenna Type / Material Horn Antenna Φ46mm / Stainless Steel 304 A
Horn Antenna Φ76mm / Stainless Steel 304 B
Horn Antenna Φ96mm / Stainless Steel 304 C
Special Custom-tailor Y
Seal Up / Process Temperature Viton / (-40~150) ℃ V
Kalrez / (-40~250) ℃ K
The  Electronic Unit (4~20) mA / 24V DC / Two wire system 2
(4~20) mA / 24V DC / HART two wire system 3
(4~20) mA / 220V AC / Four wire system 4
RS485 / Modbus 5
 Shell / Protection  Grade Aluminum / IP67 L
Stainless Steel 304L/ IP67 G
Cable Line M 20x1.5  M
½″ NPT N
Field Display/The Programmer With A
Without X
The instrument cannot be installed in the arched or domed roof intermediate. In addition to produce indirect echo is also affected by the echoes. Multiple echo can be larger than the real value of signal echo, because through the top can concentrate multiple echo. So cannot be installed in a central location. 

Radar Level Meter Maintenance
1. Confirm whether the grounding protection is in place. To prevent electrical leakage from causing damage to electrical components and interference with normal signal transmission, remember to ground either end of the radar meter and the signal interface of the control room cabinet.
2. Whether lightning protection measures are in place. Although the radar level gauge itself supports this function, external lightning protection measures must be taken.
3. The field junction box must be installed strictly in accordance with the installation instructions, and waterproof measures must be taken.
4. The field wiring terminals must be sealed and isolated to prevent liquid intrusion from causing short circuits in the power supply, wiring terminals and circuit board corrosion.
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