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Integral Display Flange Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Integral Display Flange Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Integral Display Flange Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Integral Display Flange Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Integral Display Flange Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Size: DN15~DN6000mm
Accuracy: Better than±1.0%
Output: 4-20mA,Pulse,RS485 MODBUS RTU
Body material: DN15~DN32 is SS304 Above DN32 is carbon steel,SS304 is optional
Technical Data
Flange ultraosnic flow meter is one kind of economy liquid flow meter which mainly measure various of pure liquid,such as:Clean water,Sea water,Dringking water,River water,Alcohol etc.
And it is suitable for continuously measuring flow and heat of clean and uniform liquids without large concentration suspended particles or gases industrial environment.
Accuracy better than ±1.0%
High reliability, high performance, low price
Bi-directional flow measurement
No moving parts, no wear, no pressure loss,Maintenance-free 
Measuring conductivity liquid and Non-conductivity liquid
Display instantaneous flow,Total flow,Heat,Positive flow,Negative flow
High-precision machined pipe sections, the sensor is installed before leaving the factory to ensure high measurement accuracy
Inline ultrasonic flow meter could connect temperature sensor to become one calorimeter and widely be used in Food industry, Oil & Gas industry, Chemical industry,Water treatment industry, Trade settlement,Power industry
Food industry
Food industry
Oil & Gas industry
Oil & Gas industry
Chemical industry
Chemical industry
Water treatment industry
Water treatment industry
Trade settlement
Trade settlement
Power industry
Power industry
Technical Data

Table 1 : Integral Display Flange Ultrasonic Flow Meter Main Performances Parameters

Description Specifications
Size DN15~DN6000
Accuracy Better than ±1.0%
Velocity range 0~±10m/s
Liquid temperature 0~160℃
Liquid Type Water, sea water, waste water, alcohol, beer, various kinds of oil etc which
can conduct ultrasound single uniform liquid
Pipe material Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, PVC, aluminum, FRP etc, all kinds
Of dense pipeline, can be liner inside
Output signal 1 channel 4-20mA output, inpedence 0-1K ;
1 channel OCT pulse output, pulse width 6-1000ms, (default is 200ms);
1 channel relay output
Input Signal 4-20mA input
Connect with three wire PT100, can achieve heat measurement
Communication RS485 MODBUS RTU
Power supply DC8-36V or  AC85-264V
Protection   IP65
Power Consumption 1.5W

Table 2 : Water temperature and sound speed table

Temperature(℃ ) Sound speed (m/s) Temperature(℃) Sound speed (m/s)
0 1403 50 1541
5 1427 55 1546.5
10 1447 60 1552
15 1464 65 1553.5
20 1481 70 1555
25 1494 75 1555
30 1507 80 1555
35 1516.5 85 1552.5
40 1526 90 1550
45 1533.5 95 1547
    100 1543

Table 3 : Ultrasonic flow meter model selection
Size DN15~DN6000 15~6000          
Body Material Carbon steel C          
SS304 S0
SS316 S1
Pressure Rate 0.6 Mpa P1
1.0 MPa P2
1.6 MPa  P3
2.5 MPa  P4
Other special P5
Output 4-20mA,Pulse,OCT,RS485 O
Structure Integral I
Remote R
Connection Thread T
Flange F
Integral Display Flange Ultrasonic Flow Meter Installation Requirement
Generally, the following principles should be followed:
  • To select a pipe section filled with fluid, such as a vertical part of the pipeline or a horizontal pipe section filled with fluid.
  • The measuring point should be 10 times the diameter from the upstream and the straight pipe section within 5 times the diameter from the downstream, and the distance from the valve outlet should be as far as possible.
  • Ensure the temperature at the measuring point is within the working range. 
  • Fully consider the fouling condition of the inner wall of the pipe, and try to select a non-scaling pipe section for measurement. When it cannot be satisfied, fouling should be considered as a lining for better measurement accuracy. 
  • Select pipe sections with uniform and dense pipes that are easy for ultrasonic transmission.
Please refer to the two examples on the right for the selection of measuring points. 
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