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Ultrasonic Level Meter
Ultrasonic Level Meter
Ultrasonic Level Meter
Ultrasonic Level Meter

Ultrasonic Level Meter

Level Range: 4,6,8,10,12,15,20,30m
Accuracy: 0.5%-1.0%
Resolution: 3mm or 0.1%
Display: LCD Display
Analog Output: Two Wires 4-20mA/250Ω Load
Technical Data
Ultrasonic level meter  is based on the Time-of-Flight principle. A sensor emits ultrasonic pulses, the surface of the media reflects the signal and the sensor detects it again. The Time-of-Flight of the reflected ultrasonic signal is directly proportional to the distance traveled. With the known tank geometry the level can be calculated.
Ultrasonic Level Meter Advantages
Price-favourable solution for simple applications.
Maintenance-free operation through non-contact measuring principle.
Reliable measurement independent of product features.
Ultrasonic Level Meter Application
Ultrasonic level meter for continuous level measurement of liquids or bulk solids. Typical applications are the measurement of liquids in storage tanks or open basins. The sensor is also suitable for the detection of bulk solids in small vessels or open containers. The non-contact measuring principle is independent of product features and allows a setup without medium.
Storage Tank
Storage Tank
Metering Box
Metering Box
Technical Data

Table 1: Ultrasonic Level Meter Technical Parameters

Function Compact Type
Level Range 4,6,8,10,12,15,20,30m
Accuracy 0.5%-1.0%
Resolution 3mm or 0.1%
Display LCD Display
Analog Output Two Wires 4-20mA/250Ω Load
Power Supply DC24V
Environmental Temperature Transmitter -20~+60℃ , Sensor -20~+80℃
Communication HART
Protection Class  Transmitter IP65(IP67 Optional),Sensor IP68
Probe Installation Flange, Thread

Ultrasonic Level Meter Dimension



Table 2: High Precision Level Meter Model Selection

Measure Range
   4   4m
   6   6m
   8   8m
   12  12m
   20  20m
   30  30m
        P  Standard Type(Non ex-proof)
        I   Intrinsically safe (Exia IIC T6 Ga)
     Energy Transducer Material/Process Temperature/Protection Grade
         A  ABS/(-40-75)℃/IP67
         B  PVC/(-40-75)℃/IP67
         C  PTFE/(-40-75)℃/IP67
           Process Connection/Material
             G  Thread
             D  Flange /PP
              Electronic Unit
                 2  4~20mA/24V DC Two Wire
                 3  4 20mA/24V DC /HART Two Wire
                 4  4-20mA/24VDC/RS485 Modbus  Four Wire
                 5  4-20mA/24VDC/Alarm Output  Four Wire
                   Shell / Protection Grade
                     L  Aluminum / IP67
                       Cable Entry
                          N  1/2 NPT
                                1  With Display
Ultrasonic Level Meter Installation
1:Keep Ultrasonic Level Transmitter perpendicular to liquid.
2:The transducer should not be mounted too close to the tank wall, the bracket can cause strong false echoes
3:Mount the transducer away from the inlet to avoid false echoes.
4:The transducer should not be mounted too close to the tank wall, the build-up on the tank wall cause false echoes.
5:As is illustrated by the figure on the below, the transducer should be mounted on the top of guide tube to prevent the false echoes from turbulence and foam. The guide tube should come with a vent hole at top of the tube to allow the liquid vapor go out of the tube.
6:When you mount the transducer on the solid tank, the transducer must point to the tank outlet.
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