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What kind of flowmeter suggest to be used for pure water?

There are many types of flowmeters that can be used to measure pure water. It should be noted that some flowmeters cannot be used, such as electromagnetic flowmeters. Electromagnetic flowmeters require the conductivity of the medium to be greater than 5μs/cm, while the conductivity of pure water cannot be used. fulfil requirements. Therefore, the electromagnetic flowmeter cannot be used to measure pure water.

Liquid turbine flow meter , vortex flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, coriolis mass flowmeters, metal tube rotameters, etc. can all be used to measure pure water. However, turbines, vortex streets, orifice plates and other side pipes all have choke parts inside, and there is pressure loss. Relatively speaking, ultrasonic flowmeters can be installed outside the tube as  clamp on type, without choke parts inside, and the pressure loss is smaller.  Mass flowmeter is one of these flowmeters with relatively high measurement accuracy, but the cost is high.

Comprehensive consideration should be taken when choosing. If only the cost is considered and the accuracy requirement is not high, the glass rotor flowmeter can be selected. If the cost is not considered, the measurement accuracy is required to be high, and the mass flow meter can be used for trade settlement, industrial proportioning, etc. If considered moderately, liquid turbine flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, and ultrasonic flowmeters can be used. It is moderate in measurement accuracy and cost, and can meet most field needs.

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