How to reduce the environment vibration interference on site?
the mass flow meter should be designed and installed away from large transformers, motors and other devices that generate large vibration and large magnetic fields to prevent interference with their excitation magnetic fields.
When vibration interference cannot be avoided, isolation measures such as a flexible pipe connection with the vibration tube and a vibration isolation support frame are adopted to isolate the flow meter from the vibration interference source.
Which medium is suitable to use coriolis mass flow meter?
Coriolis Mass flow meter offer the accurate measurement for virtually any process fluid; including liquid, acids, caustic, chemicals slurries and gases. Because mass flow is measured, the measurement is not affected by fluid density changes. But be particularly careful when using coriolis mass flow meter to measure gas/vapor flows because flow rates tend to be low in the flow range(where accuracy is degraded). Also, in gas/vapor applications, large pressure drops across the flow meter and its associated piping can occur.
What is coriolis principle for mass flow meter?
The operating principle of a coriolis flow meter is basic but very effective. When a fluid (Gas or liquid) passes through this tube, the mass flow momentum will cause a change in the tube vibration, the tube will twist resulting in a phase shift.
How is the accuracy of coriolis Mass Flow Meter?
Standard 0.2% Accuracy, and specialized 0.1% Accuracy.
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